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3 common services covered under a typical roofing warranty

Jun 18


One of the most common concerns you may have regarding your roof warranty if you're getting a new roof or fixing an existing roof for your home is: What's your roofing warranty? Your roof warranty usually includes several guarantees:

Manufacturer Warranties

When you have repairs to your roof and the company that makes the materials that were utilized in the repair will often back up the kind of material. A shingle manufacturer for example will have a life expectancy for their products so long they are maintained regularly and installed correctly. Your manufacturer might pay to have the defective material replaced by a roofing company if they're found.

The Contractor's Workmanship Warranty

A gutter repair professional in rapid city sd will often provide a workmanship guarantee. These warranties differ in length based on the contractor but generally, they will guarantee the work for at least six months after the job has been completed.

Installation Defects

The warranty for installation defects is another one provided by Teamwork Exteriors. It is an extension of the guarantee for workmanship. Installation defects are usually covered for a longer amount of time than the original workmanship warranty. This can provide you with assistance should the contractor realize that there was a problem with the installation due to an inexperienced installer or under ideal conditions for the installation process.


If you are in need of an expert roofing company in SD be sure they're reliable. Employing a seasoned roofing contractor will make sure you can qualify to receive a number of standard warranties on roofing, and that you will get a company committed to defending its work wholeheartedly. You can lower the risk of needing one of these warranties by locating gutter companies near rapid city with experience.

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