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How do I find out the cost of replacing my roof?

Jul 24


While nobody wants to shell out money for roof replacement, it's something that all of us need to consider at some point. There are two things people consider when they are having their roof replaced.

They'd like it to be done right if they are going to invest money in it. In addition, they are concerned about the price. Whenever someone is having their roof repaired by a reputable roofing business located in Helotes, TX, they're likely to be anxious about the price.


Here's some details to put your mind at relaxed and give you a clear picture of what factors affect the cost of a roof replacement and the reasons.


Analyzing The Cost Of A Roof Replacement

Let's begin by looking at the average national cost. Then we can look into the individual factors that could cause the price higher or lower later. The average cost of replacing a roof in 2020 at a national level is $7211. This is a exact figure. However, there are many variables that could increase or decrease the cost of a roofing replacement.

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The Square Footage of Your Home

The square footage of your home is one of the main factors that can directly affect the cost of replacing your roof. Do you remember the national average figure from up above? That's based on the fact that roofing costs range from $450 to $550 per square foot on average.


What does that figure tell you about the cost of replacing your roof? This means that the larger your home , and the more square footage it is and the larger the roofing material and labor you will require.

The roofing material

Another element that can affect the cost of replacing your roof upwards or downwards is the kind of roofing material is used. Shingles are a typical roofing material that can last for several years.


If you select an alternative type of shingles such as concrete shingles over asphalt shingles, then the cost of the project will increase significantly. While replacing a roof with asphalt shingles is a typical cost of just over seven hundred dollars, replacing the roof with concrete shingles can cost upwards of $20,000.


Metal roofing can be more costly than asphalt shingles too However, there are some benefits to metal roofing that can make it an ideal choice. The value of a roof made of metal will depend on how your home was constructed and the amount of snow you encounter during winter.


Metal roofs are extremely useful as snow will fall right onto your roof, as long as it doesn't reach your front door. This arrangement has the greatest advantage: you won't have to manually remove snow from your roof!


The Form of Your Roof

Even though your roof's shape may not seem important to you, it's essential to professional helotes roofing. Additional safety equipment may be required if the roof of your home is very steep or unusual. This will add cost.


You don't just get an excellent price for roof replacement, but you also get the most affordable bargain. South Texas' affordable roofer is aware of your financial needs which is why our prices are low. Get a cost estimate for your roof replacement cost by scheduling a free consultation.


Shield roofing can help you save money on roof replacement.


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